Nick Priest is not your average 18 year old.  Throughout his life he has focused on how he can give back in a meaningful way that honors the memory of his father, who he lost to oral cancer when he was just six years old.  Nick tells us that playing video games with his father were some of his favorite memories.  Even as his dad’s health deteriorated rapidly, father and son were able to bond through the gaming console.  From a young age, Nick was determined to help other kids who were going through this same struggle with cancer.  He quickly realized in  his first chemistry course that a career in oncology was probably not in the cards, but Nick was inspired by young cancer patients who were under treatment and isolated in the hospital, unable to play with other kids.  Gaming offered the perfect opportunity to connect with these patients, and could create a way for them to connect with one another.  

Nick shares that his greatest role model is his mother.  He talks about how she guided her two young boys through the devastating loss of their dad, and how she encouraged him as he found his way with Nick’s Power of Play.  She sounds like a mom we’d love to meet and get a few tips from!  

Not unlike those parents in the 1950’s who thought that rock and roll music was a bad influence on their children, many parents today preach that all “video games are bad” or that “teenagers are lazy.” This story will make you think twice on both counts.  This episode explores the good news story of video gaming.  Nick is an inspiring young man who is committed to making a difficult situation better for so many kids who desperately need it.  And he’s quick to remind us that it isn’t even about the video games.  It’s all about connecting with other people during their time of need and creating community.  Who can argue with that?

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