We are excited to kick off a new season of This is My Silver Lining with Executive Coach, Cindy Wolpert.  Cindy is the founder of Results-Based Coaching (RBC) Associates.  She works with business leaders across all levels of seniority to maximize their leadership potential, manage successful transitions, and realize their professional goals. She is a creative and thoughtful innovator who is known for bringing calm to the chaos.  

Cindy tells us about starting her entrepreneurial journey during the lockdown in March 2020 – moving beyond the fear, building her reputation as an independent coach – there is so much power in being really honest with yourself and pushing yourself into uncomfortable positions.  

Prior to founding RBC Associates, Cindy held various product development, operational and HR roles in the Fortune 100.  She has first hand experience with the challenges of managing through business and budget cycles, navigating office politics, and harnessing the opportunities that her clients face.  This gives her a real edge and makes her an invaluable asset to their advancement.  

Cindy found her passion for coaching and leadership development as a client herself.  In one of those, “you can make money doing this?” moments, Cindy realized that nurturing the personal and professional development of other leaders would give her the greatest career satisfaction.  She threw herself into the deep end of the pool and learned all that she could about coaching, created opportunities to coach at work, and got certified. Prior to leaving corporate America, she led an internal executive coaching practice at Fidelity Investments where she served as the lead executive coach and had responsibility for certification and development of over 175 internal coaches globally.

As many of you enter the annual review cycle, consider career changes or pound the pavement for a new job, grab a pen and a notebook and prepare to be inspired.  We know you’ll come away from this conversation with practical tools and perspectives to consider the career adventures that lie ahead.  

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