PART ONE  Whose Life is This? Parenting Experts Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson on How to Raise Resilient Kids and Lower the Stress Levels for Everyone at Home

Any parent with a teenager at home knows that each day can be a struggle.  We want to enjoy these years before they fly from the nest, but we are living with the drama and pushback that comes from enforcing the house rules while they still live under our roof.  Couple that with the pressures and anxiety teenagers face today– including those we unknowingly place on our kids– and we have a recipe for anxious and stressed out kids and parents.  

Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, authors of parenting books The Self Driven Child and What Do You Say? are here to tell us that if we, as parents, are stuck in this cycle and find ourselves doing 90% of the worrying about our kids’ futures (with them doing only 10% of the worrying and work), then we need to change the energy.  Stop fighting, stop nagging, and let your kids find their way to happiness and success.  This, Bill and Ned tell us, is how our kids will become self- motivated, resilient, and successful humans.  

Episode Links and Resources:

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