The daughter of immigrant parents, Sabrina was the consummate high achiever growing up.  An Ivy Leaguer with her sights on law school, she did a summer internship at a prestigious firm that changed her plans.  She took a role as a fixed income analyst on Wall Street.  She was young and curious; she was great at her job.  By all measures, Sabrina was a success, but she wanted more from life.  

As she considered her options, the music stopped.  In 2008, Sabrina had a front row seat to the downward spiral that was the financial crisis. If she ever needed a sign to define a new career path, this was it.  She traded her pin stripes for sneakers and became an entrepreneur.  She hasn’t looked back.  Fifteen years later, Sabrina has successfully launched several consumer brands.  Her journey has been anything but smooth or “balanced”.  She’s had moments of doubt, regret, and feelings of failure, but she is enjoying the ride!  

Sabrina is also the proud mother of three young sons.  Motherhood has provided some unvarnished challenges and fresh opportunities for triumph at home and in her business ventures.  This perspective has fueled her passion for creating healthy work environments where people feel appreciated and valued.

Forbes Magazine, How To Create Your Best Real Life on the Non-Linear Path to Career Success 

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