This is the last episode in our 3-part series.  If you haven’t listened to our conversation with Roy DiNicola or our conversation with Maria Stewart, hit the pause button and go back and listen to those last two episodes (links below!).  

Roy spoke with us about his experience of losing his wife, Holly, to cancer in 2015.  We talked about the outpouring of love from his community and how that kept him and his kids afloat during that time.  

Maria’s husband, Kevin, passed away in October 2011 after a 20 month battle with brain cancer.  She told us about how she got through this incredibly difficult time with the help of friends and family and being laser focused on maintaining what she and her kids came to call their family “power unit” to help them get through.  

As they went through these experiences, neither Roy nor Maria ever expected to find love again.  After what they had gone through, it just wasn’t even imaginable.  

And yet. . . 

In this episode, Roy and Maria have joined us –together– to tell us about the next chapter of their stories.  One that they have written together.  And one that they have generously agreed to share with us.  

Episode Links and Resources

TIMSL Episode 28:  Letting Go:  Roy DiNicola on Losing His First Wife and Learning to Lean on Community

TIMSL Episode 29:  Blame Lewbert:  Maria Stewart on How She and Her Husband Parented Their Children Through His Battle with Brain Cancer using Love, Honesty, and Humor

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