They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures move from the eyes, straight to the heart, without any need for words.  Erin Borzellino is a photographer who captures such images, waiting patiently to catch unpolished moments of raw joy that might otherwise pass unnoticed. Erin is a storyteller, whose photo projects, Unstoppable, Below the Water Line, and Women Who Rock each evoke and celebrate the best of the human spirit.  

After college, Erin’s passion for photography took a backseat to a more “practical” career in financial services.  She moved to London, where she met her husband.  Shortly after having their first child, Giorgio, in the UK, Giorgio was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation of the NF1 gene, which is responsible for suppressing tumor growth. Erin and her husband had to quickly adapt to the daily uncertainty of Giorgio’s condition and learned how to care for him moment to moment.  Along the way, they also learned to enjoy each day, to focus on the present, not worry too much about the future, and to be grateful for all that they have.  Erin says that in many ways, having a child with special needs changed her life positively in unexpected ways.  

A high achiever destined to be a “Type A” mom, once she started raising her three kids, Erin was surprised to find that she was actually much more of a “Type Z” mom.  Having a child with special needs changed her perspective on a lot of things: career, success, and what really matters.  She’s less inclined to hound any of her children about piano practice and soccer lessons, instead maintaining her focus on their happiness and teaching them to be kind to others. 

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