Have you ever had that sense of deja vu?  Like you’ve been somewhere before?  Or maybe you meet someone for the first time but you have an instant connection and feel like you must have known them before?  These feelings and experiences may be clues to one of your past lives.  In this episode, we speak with Ann C. Barham, a Certified Regression Therapist and retired Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. For over 25 years, she has worked with clients of all faiths and backgrounds to explore issues that they are having in their current lives by mining their subconscious memories for key past life experiences.  Her book on this topic, The Past Life Perspective, highlights actual case studies from real clients.  

Ann’s work is based on the premise that each of our souls is reincarnated across time in order to go through a series of life experiences on the planet.  Each of us carry memories of past lives from one life to the next. At a conscious level, we may be unaware of our past lives.  However, subconsciously, these memories often have a profound impact on the way we show up and experience life in the present. 

Ann shares with us how regression therapy provides her clients with an entirely fresh perspective on their lives.  Ann describes how she works with her clients to recover these past life memories, most often to release energy or emotions that are blocked in some way and show up in this life as unresolved grief, depression, certain behaviors, difficult relationships, deep-seated fears or even physical symptoms.   

We talk about the idea that everyone has a “soul group.”  There are souls who keep showing up across lifetimes, connections of love that do not pass with the death of the human body.  Ann once had a dream about a beloved mentor who had passed very suddenly.  He came to her in a dream and asked her to reach out to his grieving widow to tell her, “It’s like I’m in Nevada instead of California.  I’m just a state away.”  Appreciating that the soul moves through a variety of states can help us approach death with less fear.  Ann herself does not fear death (although she hopes to have many years in front of her).  Many of her clients report being more connected and present in their current lives once they’ve connected with past lives.   

Ann understands that there are skeptics who will say that the memories her clients describe during their sessions aren’t real, but rather are created in the subconscious.  Ann isn’t looking to convince anyone, since she knows that her clients benefit from the therapy.  She has seen confirmed skeptics go through sessions with her and be blown away by the experience.  

Episode Links and Resources:

Visit Ann’s Website:  https://www.pastlives.org/

Order Ann’s Book Here:  The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes 

Read this too:  Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives, Brian Weiss, M.D. 

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